NORCO BICYCLES: Introducing the Revolver FS 100 + FS 120

A modern performance mountain bike platform tuned specifically for the race you want to win. Revolver FS 100 for XC race and Revolver FS 120 for epics and fast-paced adventure.

Whether it's a minutes-long, flat-out lactate festival, an all-day speed-infused trek into the woods to who-knows-where, the all-new Norco Revolver FS is designed to get you across the finish line first – whether or not there's a number pinned to your handlebar.


Sharing a ride with Sam is always an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to join him at his home for few weeks, not so far from Perth – WA. In « DUSTED », we just enjoyed a day sharing some laps on a dusty flow trail around the Murray Valley.

What a feeling to follow him drifting on every corners with incredible ease, as usual... It's disconcerting to see him flying down the trail but that was also a real pleasure to try to catch him up! That's simply the best way to learn to ride!

Sam is a true passionnate. Not only for races, he just likes to ride mountain bikes, and share good times with his friends and family. A humble and discreet legend, already prep’d for thefirst rounds of the 2019 enduro world series.

On my side, I use to spend the most of my time in the mountains, discovering new trails all around the world. Even if I'm mostly focused on my original trips and media projects, racing and spending time with the all Intense Mavic Collective team is a good way to challenge myself and see all my friends reunited in the same event.

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Stages Cycling: SRAM DUB IS HERE

Any bike. Any drivetrain. Any rider. 
Stages Gen 3 Carbon BB30 power meters are now compatible with SRAM DUB mountain cranks.

Stages Cycling BB spindles are available in six options
A) SRAM Red 22 BB30 
B) SRAM Force 22, Rival 22, Force/Rival CX1 
C) 2015MY SRAM BB30 mountain cranks – 9mm spacer* 
D) 2015MY SRAM BB30 mountain cranks – 15.5mm spacer*
E) Race Face Next SL – 168mm q factor
F) Specialized S-Works Road – 2017/2018MY 

NORCO BICYCLES: All Roads One Bike - The Norco Section

Big rides can take you to all kinds of places, on all kinds of roads, through all kinds of conditions –the riding that inspired us to create the Section. This bike is built to own the asphalt and attack unpaved surfaces. With its carefully-engineered materials providing vertical compliance and lateral stiffness, the Section’s large volume tires combine with its flat mount disc brakes and ample bottle & fender mounts to elevate every ride on every road.


Ready or not, it’s cold and cold season is here. Fortunately, a common cold doesn’t have to wipe out your hard-earned fitness or seriously disrupt your winter training plans. All you have to do is know how to spot signs of illness coming on before it his and manage workload accordingly. This will have you back in the saddle at full strength ASAP, missing significant training time.

Ben Sharp, former USA Cycling Olympic Program Coach, and current Power Education Specialist at Stages Cycling, sat down to talk tips on dealing with training through cold season and minimizing time off the bike.

Sharp’s number one piece of advice:“If the cold is in your head, you can train at a moderate level, but if the cold is in your chest, you shut it down no matter what.”

This means if you have the classic ‘head cold’ symptoms: stuffed up but runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, you actually can continue to train at a moderate level. But once that cold gets into your lungs and you start coughing up phlegm, complete rest is the only way to making your condition worse and missing even more time on the bike.

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Welcome PROBAR


We are pleased to announce, we now proudly represent PROBAR products!

When Jeff Coleman moved to Park City, Utah in 2002, he was an ‘eat whatever’s there’ kind of guy. Exploring hundreds of miles of Park City trails changed him as it occurred to him that Philly Cheesesteaks and martinis were not the best choices for refueling. Jeff wanted to make more informed decisions about nutrition. He sought out a well-respected local food coach to help educate him about the nutritional benefits of eating simple, real foods. He learned that good, whole food was integral not only to athletic performance, but also overall health and wellness. Jeff’s cheesesteak days were over!

Soon after, at a health food store in Park City, Jeff tried a locally made energy bar. He was surprised a bar so healthy didn’t taste like flavored cardboard. The bar was truly delicious! In one bite PROBAR® smashed all his preconceived notions of what a sports nutrition bar could taste like. Jeff was convinced “In this busy world, we are constantly at risk of making unhealthy food choices. PROBAR® is a great tasting, whole food alternative that is convenient and uncompromising in quality.” Within a month he committed to fund and grow the company, eventually going on to buy it outright.

Jules Lambries soon joined PROBAR® as director of sales. Jules, like Jeff, was passionate about PROBAR® and knew that others would be too. His first order of business was to introduce the bars to a wider audience. Jules, his wife and three kids set off on what turned into a two-year road trip, during which time they lived out of their RV as PROBAR® ambassadors. Jules’ wife even gave birth to their fourth child during their travels! Now, years later, as PROBAR’s president, Jules maintains that same level of passion and dedication.

Led by Jeff and Jules, PROBAR® has grown into a nationally recognized brand while remaining true to its roots. The vision that drove PROBAR® in its early days has never wavered and is engendered in PROBAR’s employees, partners, vendors, and customers. PROBAR® will continue to focus on its mission:

PROBAR® creates delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. We strive to become the leading provider of REAL FOOD choices, always maintaining our commitment to quality, sustainability, and fantastic taste.

Feedback Sports: TLC for Your Bike Repair Stand

Your trusty wash and work stand has tirelessly held onto your bike(s) hundreds of times so you can freely use both hands to wash, fiddle, adjust, and dial in your favorite ride to keep it in tip top shape, but when is the last time you gave your stand a little love in return? The nice thing about our line of bike repair stands is that they don’t require much, but with a little bit of TLC and inspection of potentially worn parts, you can keep your stand functioning like the first day you laid eyes on each other.  If you’re into bike maintenance and keeping everything in tip-top shape–why not include your bike repair stand?  Read on to find out how to keep things wash and work  running smoothly, which leads to your bike running smoothly, which in turn leads to adorable canines and world peace.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.59.34 AM.png

Now that your stand is dirty from the grime that has come off of your bike from a good season of riding, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get your stand dialed so you can focus on keeping your bike clean and happy.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 12.00.17 PM.png

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Water Cycle | Chapter 2 - Ocean, Surf by Bike

Inspired by the 71% of the planet covered by water, Blackburn Design has created WATER CYCLE, an ongoing documentary film project. In the second chapter, OCEAN, we follow Ashley Llyod Thompson, a surf shaper from Santa Cruz, California. Ashley took time away from her shaping studio to travel with her husband and son to Mexico in search of quiet surf breaks. Many of the best breaks are tough to access and aren’t on any map. Fat bikes made the most sense to enjoy these secret places. Along the way, she found some beautiful quiet moments with the ocean and with her family. These are the simple joys that life on a bike can bring. Ashley has been an avid surfer since she was a child, eventually turning her passion into a career shaping surfboards and teaching new riders. As she became closer to her craft and the ocean around her, she adopted an emphasis on sustainable building practices that respected both her ability to ride huge waves, and desire to do as little harm as possible to the planet. Our fragile oceans sustain life on our planet, but increasingly, they are polluted with plastic waste. This waste can range from single use plastic products like cup lids, and take out bags, to microscopic particulates that kill fish and foul beaches. Protecting our oceans is important to Blackburn and so for this project we’ve partnered with Sustainable Surf to bring attention to the continued need to be stewards of our oceans. If this is something that resonates with you, consider becoming involved with one of Sustainable Surfs initiatives. Featured at: CREATIVE Ocean was directed by Nicole Mackinlay Hahn. Mackinlay Hahn grew up in New York, where she worked at for the family business on Fire Island National Seashore. Curious, adventurous, and with a drive for honesty, she began making films in 8th grade using her brother’s pixelvision camera. Since then, she has collaborated on projects throughout the US, Africa, and the UK. Brian Vernor, a noted filmmaker and photographer, is provided art direction for the film. Brian has long been a Blackburn collaborator and will be making certain that each story in the project has a distinct point of view, while still holding close to the overall theme and vision. Ocean was produced by Robin Sansom, a long time Blackburn collaborator and a principal of Offsite Studios, a brand and content agency. Chris McNally returned for the second chapter of Water Cycle by providing the amazing illustrations. Follow and like us at: ABOUT BLACKBURN In 1975, Jim Blackburn looked at the at the emerging cycling culture and knew he could make a difference. That meant thinking from the end-user perspective, showing respect for materials and their functionality, while offering purpose-built design and innovation. Over the years, Blackburn has adopted and honed those principles to build quality gear that allows people to go further, do more and be better prepared for everyday and extraordinary adventures alike.



In a market flooded with carbon wheels, it takes a lot to stand out from the masses.

Most carbon wheels are purpose-built for various forms of riding. The Mavic XA Pro wheelset caters to those weight conscious riders looking for something that can hold up to the rigors of general trail riding. Mavic claims the XA Pro wheelset is “the lightest trail wheel system in its class.”

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Mavic Road UST



  • Road tubeless wheel-tire system redesigned from the ground up to improve the user experience and guarantee safety – all while maintaining the benefits of the technology.
  • The ONLY reliable road tubeless systems that is easy to use and 100% safe.
  • The only standard that can inspire confidence for the consumer that they will have ZERO issues with their tubeless system.


Any cyclist who is looking for the most advanced and high-performance wheel and tire technology for speed, puncture resistance and comfort.


Why should the game-changing benefits of road tubeless be reserved for those who have a penchant for tinkering? Having faster rolling wheels that are more comfortable and resistant to punctures should be something easy, safe and hassle-free.
Through our years of expertise and invention of the wheel-tire system, we are proud to present a system that ticks all of the boxes while defining the standard for road tubeless.
By combining our knowledge of wheels and tires we were able to perfect the symbiotic relationship between the tire bead and the rim hook to offer a system that is not only fast on the road and easy to maintain … but also 100 % reliable so you can focus on one thing – your ride.


• Perfect union between tire and wheel, ensuring easy installation and removal, is guaranteed thanks to our patented UST technology and wheel-tire system foundation.
• Obsessive control in manufacturing provides the optimal rim diameter along with a precise tire bead diameter and stiffness / stretch. This ensures a lifetime of hassle-free installation / maintenance when using UST approved products.

• All-new and exclusive 11Storm rubber compound achieves the best balance of grip and low rolling resistance.
• No tube means no friction with the tire resulting in a faster rolling system.
• UST system (including sealant) is 40g lighter than a traditional tire + tube system.

• Ride with lower pressure for increased comfort and reduced risk of pinch flats associated with traditional tire + tube systems.
• Just 30g of sealant prevents most punctures.


The only tubeless system that is universally accepted and recognized by every tyre and rim manufacturers.
The only tubeless system that is included in the standards that rule the bicycle wheel and tyre world! ISO 4210 / 5775 (in progress) and ETRTO 2018.
Rider’s benefit : the only tubeless system that has been tested and approved for safety and ease of use.

Not just a rim, a wheel or a tyre considered alone.
But the perfect match between well-defined tyre beads (stiffness and diameter) and a well define rim contour (bead seat diameter, rim wall height, hook shape and depth, depth and side slope of the central grove).
Rider’s benefit : the guarantee for a safe and easy to use tubeless system.

Tubeless :
An open clincher tyre system that works without the need for a tube.
Requires an airtight rim and an airtight tyre. When the use of sealant is needed to seal the tyre, it is referred to as Tubeless Ready.
Rider’s benefit : potentially less flats, higher rolling efficiency, extra comfort, extra grip, less weight… if well executed.

Giro Knit Collection


You’ve seen knit technology in athletic footwear, but you haven’t seen it in cycling… until now. Introducing our new engineered Xnetic™ Knit (pronounced ex-net-ic) for unparalleled comfort and breathability. Xnetic™ Knit technology was developed for the specific needs of performance cycling. A TPU skeletal system provides support where you need it, while the knit offers suppleness for superior sock-like comfort. The porous knit material makes the entire upper breathable, giving you a shoe that has superior ventilation and drying time.

Don’t confuse this knit footwear with a fragile sweater, because these shoes stand up to the elements. The Xnetic™ Knit is DWR-treated for water repellency and easy cleaning after grimy rides. Rubber or TPU toe and heel guards provide abrasion resistance and superior durability.
Simply speaking, they are built to tackle the road, trails and any environment where your adventure takes you.

Plus, the style of knit is simply undeniable.

Yakima Unveils new Fall Line

Yakima has released their 2017 fall line of vehicle accessories to accommodate a broad range of trending outdoor activities.

Covering a variety of price points, from entry to premium, the new products provide gear hauling solutions for trending activities, including kayak fishing, off-roading and stand-up paddle boarding, plus seasonal snow sports products.

At the center of the fall product launch are the OffGrid Cargo Basket, the LongArm Truck Bed Extender, the FatCat Evo, an update to the snow sports mount, and the FatCat ShowDown – the first side-loader for kayaks and SUP’s.


Article by SGB Media

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Bike Radar Reviews Giro Cinder MIPS Helmet

By: Ben Delaney | May 27, 2017 7:00am GMT

The Giro Cinder is a MIPS road helmet that costs just over half as much as the California company’s top-end Synthe MIPS.

I love the fit and feel of the Cinder, except for on hot days and/or when doing strenuous climbs. In those situations, the difference in ventilation to the Synthe becomes quite apparent.


Visually the two are quite similar, and while there are small differences in the size and shape of the vents, the main difference in air flow lies within the helmets.

The Synthe uses Giro’s Roc Loc Air retention system, which keeps the helmet slightly off the head, especially at the front. This design allows a little more airflow across the forehead.

The Cinder uses Giro’s Roc Loc 5 retention system, which is anchored at the temples of the helmet. The front pad of the Cinder lays right on top of the MIPS liner, which in turn lays flat against the foam body of the helmet.

So Roc Loc Air is better than Roc Loc 5, right? Well, here’s the thing: over months of testing I have found myself grabbing the Cinder over the Synthe most of the time for a couple of reasons.

One, the Cinder just feels more comfortable to me, perhaps because the weight of the helmet is distributed throughout the inside, inside of resting on just the 360-degree plastic Roc Loc Air band.