Giordana Custom Kits Emphasis in 2017

There were lots of apparel offerings this year at PressCamp Road. But custom options seem to be the emphasis for 2017.

Giordana launched its expanded custom line here. A couple of years ago, the Italian company opened a new factory in Montecchio, Italy, and with the transition from its previous factory, it began revamping its apparel lineups extensively. The latest revamp was to custom, which is all entirely made in Montecchio, with fabrics sourced from the Veneto region, renowned for its textile industry, said Giordana Andretta, national sales manager.

Giordana now offers a Custom collection with multiple levels of kits to accommodate different fits and riding levels, from a Sunday coffee shop ride to a gran fondo or a racing club. The custom line now offers all the premium fabrics and details of Giordana’s in-line apparel but with the option of custom colors and branding.